4 Tops Tips for Dating a Bisexual Woman

dating bisexual womenDating a bisexual woman can be exciting sexually. However, before entering a relationship with a bisexual girl, you should be prepared for certain things and, above all, should be honest with yourself.

Here are pros and cons of dating a bisexual woman.

1. Be prepared to be twice lucky

A bisexual woman is special in the sense that her interests run both ways. What this means for you if you are a man relationship with a bisexual woman is that you might get to enjoy two women in the bed—and that can be a dream come true!

However, remember that would also mean being ready emotionally to share the bed with two women at the same time, not to mention being ready physically also.

2. Don’t ask about previous relationships until you are ready

You meet a bisexual woman through a bi dating site and find that you two are really hitting off. In your enthusiasm, you ask her about her previous relationships and she is candid in her reply.

However, her revelations have put you ill at ease. Instead of keeping these things locked inside you, talk with her about how you are feeling. An honest talk can ease up your worries. And the next time you date a bisexual woman, defer asking this question until you are ready.

3. Be prepared to share her

If you are new to dating bisexual women, the idea of having two women might be a huge turn on. However, when you actually do it, you might find you are not as prepared to share the women you are dating with her girlfriend as you thought before. If this happens, you must share your true feelings with your girlfriend and discuss with her the way forward.

It is possible that your girlfriend may be more into her lady friend than you, and because of this you may start feeling jealous. Again, don’t push such emotions to the deep recesses of your mind, because they eventually will do come out, and come out with a bang.

Repressed feelings can jeopardize the relationship in which you have invested a lot of time and effort. Being true to your feelings and sharing them with your partner is always a better approach, both in the short run and long run.

If you are being in a relationship with a bisexual woman, you’ve got to accept the fact that sometimes she will want to be with not you but another woman. You must understand that’s because she is bisexual, and not because she is slighting you. You should not get jealous when this happens.

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4. Know why you are in a relationship with a bisexual woman

Most men enter into a relationship for sex as the benefits of dating a bisexual woman. However, what if your relationship gets deeper than that? You should be prepared for such a possibility when you start looking for a bisexual woman.

And in case you are absolutely sure that you want only exciting sex and nothing else, share this with bisexual women whom you date, so that there are no ugly misunderstandings later on.