5 Do's and Donts of Bisexual Dating

dos and dont of bisexual datingDating is an acquired skill, bisexual dating more so because of obvious reasons. The good news is that there are many popular bisexual dating sites that you can use to find a partner. To help you start a meaningful relationship or have some no-frills attached fun, shared ahead are some unique nuances of bisexual dating, all of which help you meet bisexual women and men and enjoy an awesome love life.

1. Finding new partners

DO NOT hit on the cute guys in the so-called social public settings, places like the mall, the restaurants, or the concert. Many straight guys seem to be pretty open-minded and have no issues with gay and bi guys, but this doesn’t mean they would want you to be hitting on them. All you would do is put the ‘poor’ person in an uncomfortable situation in a public setting and it can be very embarrassing for him.

DO hit on that cute guy in a gay bar or at the LGBT centre. You never know where something like that may go.

2. When to let out the “bi” word

DO NOT drop the “bi” word (that is, say that I’m bisexual) when talking to an attractive straight girl you’ve just met. It makes you look pervert, makes you like you’ve got sex on your mind, and makes her wonder if you are trying to get her involved in some kind of a threesome or something.

Do drop the “bi” word (“I am bisexual”) with a straight girl when it goes beyond casual flirting and grows to dating and you start to see that you are serious. You would not want to lie and deceive the person.

Do drop the “bi” word in the opening conversation with a gay guy. You would want to let him know straight out that you are bisexual.

3. Meet in a public place

Do NOT meet the guy or girl you’ve met on an online bisexual dating site in a motel or any other private place the first time. Not all first meetings with go as they should and things sometimes gets weird, handling which may be difficult if you are in a private place.

Do have your own transportation and always setup the first date in a public place. Having your own transportation allows you to leave quickly if thing get a little weird.

4. Talking about former relationships

DO NOT talk about the former relationships with your partner when you are in a relationship. It just causes insecurity.

DO talk about these relationships when asked and do openly divulge about your attractions when asked. If you lie and act evasive and they find out about it, it will just cause distrust and problems in your relationship.

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Do let your partner know that you are all about him or her. Show that what you really care about is being in a relationship.

5. Sex

DO NOT have unsafe sex, no matter how strong the temptation, unless you and your partner are 100% positive that both of you do not have STD.

DO use necessary precautions every time you get physical with your partner, even if your partner wants otherwise.