5 Tips for Dating As Trans Woman

transgender woman

When you get attracted to a transgender woman, your life is about to change. Whether you will love the experience or not will depend on how well you handle the dating. From the onset, it must dawn on you that you are not dealing with an ordinary woman. You need to enjoy the relationship while you trend with caution. Here is expert advice on how to handle a transgender woman and enjoy the relationship.

1. Ask the Right Questions

A date is not an interrogation session. Do not carry all your uncertainties and worries on transgender dating and dump them on the plate in front of you. Transgender women are tired of being reduced to what lies inside their pants. You should know that only about 30% transgender people undergo surgery. All the others have their organs intact. Furthermore, surgery is an extremely personal issue. There will be a time and place for your questions, and you will get the answers you are looking for.

2. There Are Not Transgender For Nothing

Transgender women are such for their own comfort. There are things in men that they will be uncomfortable with and other in women they do not want to be associated with. Listen to conversations and ask questions if you are uncertain. There are places you cannot visit and things you cannot do. It is important to ensure that whether you are in public or private, the comfort of the woman is paramount.

3. Differentiate Between Gender and Sex

There is a big difference between gender orientation and sex. Sex is an organ that can either be male or female. Gender is a mental orientation. Transgender people are born with the wrong organ and have to struggle all their lives to live as though they have the opposite organ. Some will succeed to have their organs changed through surgery while others will have to contend with the organs they were born with. Do not make it harder for them by mixing up the issue during your date. Respect the decision in your conversations and you will enjoy the date.


4. Learn a Lot About Transgender Persons Before the Date

Transgender is more than physical appearances and organs. There are emotions involved and social perceptions. There are things a transgender woman will want and others she will be totally uncomfortable with. Do thorough research before the date. You will know how best to treat her in order to grow your relationship. Do not wait to learn through mistakes because it might be too late.

5. You Are Dating an Ordinary Woman

Treat the woman with compassion and the love you would show to any other. Remember that they will not treat you better or worse. Expect high moments and low ones, just like you would expect for any other relationship. They are not any easy to get into the sack or meet your expectations. Approach the date with an open mind.

Be ready for the changes you will experience with a transgender woman. Like the body of everyone else, they undergo changes. Respect these changes and you will not have a problem with your relationship. Above all, treat her with compassion like you would treat any other woman and do not expect anything special because she is transgender.