8 Stereotypes of Bisexual Individuals

lgbtq communityIn today’s ever changing world of identity and sexuality, every day is unique and different from one another. The last decade is perhaps one of the most significant years in recent human history. After centuries of being persecuted against and decades of battling the ignorant, homosexual individuals were finally taken seriously in terms of their right to be who they are. Though some ignorant people still stick to the false belief that homosexuality is a fad and that it can be cured, majority of people around the world have come around to accepting and embracing them. The LGBTQ was established as a platform for people of non-binary genders and sexuality to come together and fight for their rights.

However one particular group has completely been ignored over the last decade and they are the bisexual people. It’s bizarre how people often forget about the “B” in LGBTQ. One reason for this has been that bisexuality isn’t seen as real sexual orientation by many people in the world. There are several stigmas that still surround this particular sexual orientation group. Unlike the other groups, bisexual people are always misunderstood as being confused or just plain sexually curious. In reality, Bisexuality is a phenomenon where an individual feels attracted (romantic or sexual) towards both males and females.

There are several stereotypes that surround them which make it hard for the common man to understand them from a place of truth. In order to treat them equally, it is extremely important that people don’t takes these stereotypes as facts. In time with honesty and an open mind, everyone will be able to find their place in our world and we can all live in harmony and peace.

Here are 8 common stereotypes of bisexual people.

1) Bisexual People Are Just Lying About Their Sexual Orientation

bisexual couplesPerhaps one of the most popular misconceptions about bisexual people is that their sexual orientation isn’t actually a sexual orientation. A lot of people believe that you can only be straight or gay and that bisexuality is just a phase in the middle where people are confused. This one is just absolutely false. Before we get into why it is false, it is important to recognize that certain studies have been done which resulted in a lot of doubt about whether it is a real phenomenon or not. However, these studies were based on arousal, which cannot be used as a standalone factor in determining sexual orientation. The reality is we still don’t know everything about sexual orientations and how they are formed.

2) Bisexuality Is Nothing but a Phase

Another extremely popular stereotype is that bisexuality is merely a phase which people grow out of. This one is also completely false and a bit more complicated. One very difficult part in conversations that involve sexual orientations is that it causes some people to just jump on the bandwagon. Some do it to just get away with it, while some others, especially young adults may get confused about their sexual attraction, as they pass into their sexual primes. However, that doesn’t invalidate the way real bisexual people feel.

3) Bisexual People and Infidelity

couple find a threesomeThis particular stereotype is straight up garbage because it is just rooted in sheer ignorance and close mindedness. Infidelity has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. In fact people of all sexual orientations can cheat on their partners and a lot of them already do. It is solely based on an individual’s morality, values and honesty than anything else.

4) Bisexuals are ready to get Laid Anytime with Anyone!

Since bisexual people are attracted to all genders, a lot of people wrongly assume that it is easy to get laid with them. This is false because like any straight or homosexual person, a bisexual individual has their own values and levels of attraction. Bisexuality does not equate to heightened sexual attraction. Just like anybody else, they find some people attractive and others not so attractive. One of the worst things you can do is to assume that they are ready to sleep with you, just because they are interested in your gender.

5) All Bisexuals Love Threesomes

This is one stereotype that was born from the fantasy of people who have different sexual orientations aka straight people and gay people. While there might be some bisexuals who love having a threesome, it is ridiculous to blanket them under such a statement. Like everybody else, they are also people who have their own preferences when it comes to the people they are attracted to or sexual activities they enjoy. If you go to a threesome app, you will definitely find scores of bisexual individuals looking for a fun threesome, but don’t assume every bisexual person on the street is up for it.

6) Bisexual People are a minority in LGBTQ

There is not the faintest clue how this one started, but the reality is nearly 50 percent of the LGBT community have come forth identifying themselves as bisexual. So this is not a small group of people within a subset of a subset. The main problem between finding out an accurate number is because there are many who are just plain afraid of coming out, due to the way society treats them. Earlier, people used to persecute gays and lesbians and although a lot of that has changed today, a lot of people don’t take bisexuals that seriously, which is just sad. All it does is make them feel more of an outcast and alone in the world.

7) Bisexual People Change Their Sexual Orientations Every Now and Then

bisexual single come into relationshipThis one is perhaps the most moronic stereotype. Some people believe that when a bisexual individual enters into a relationship with a specific gender, they realize their real sexual orientation. Their logic is that if a bisexual man gets into a relationship with a straight woman, he has finally realized his place as a straight man. This is amazingly absurd; because the definition of a bisexual is that they like people of both genders. Hence, they might go from one relationship to another where they end up with partners of a different gender. A bisexual person’s identity does not change based on their partner.

8) Bisexuals Only Date Cis People

Many people believe that bisexuals date only cis people. This is totally false, as they can be attracted to gender fluid individuals also. Majority of bisexual people prefer both main genders, but at the same time, there are many who are attracted to people who don’t identify as these two. Bisexuality encompasses all genders in the spectrum and fluidly passes through all of them. Many get confused merely because of the word “bi” in bisexual but hopefully this will shed some light on such misconceptions.