5 Dos and Don’ts of Bisexual Dating

dos and dont of bisexual dating

Dating is an acquired skill, bisexual dating more so because of obvious reasons. The good news is that there are many popular bisexual dating sites that you can use to find a partner. To help you start a meaningful relationship or have some no-frills attached fun, shared ahead are some unique nuances of bisexual dating,  (Read More)

4 Tops Tips for Dating a Bisexual Woman

bisexual women dating

Dating a bisexual woman can be exciting sexually. However, before entering a relationship with a bisexual girl, you should be prepared for certain things and, above all, should be honest with yourself. A bisexual woman is special in the sense that her interests run both ways. What this means for you if you are a man and dating a bisexual woman (Read More)

Tips for Bisexual People Dating on Bisexual Sites

dating bisexual women

Thanks to innumerable dating websites especially for bisexuals, finding the right partner has got just a little bit easier. True as this is, you might struggle to find whatever drew you to such a site if you don’t pay attention to these time-tested dating tips for bisexuals. There are innumerable bisexual dating sites, but all of them may not be legitimate.  (Read More)

Things You Must Know When Dating a Bisexual Guy

meet bisexual men

You meet a nice-looking guy in a bar and find you two hit off very well. What follows next is a sequence of out-of-this-world date experiences, but one day midst of heart-to-heart talk, your charming prince softly reveals he is bisexual. While you didn’t go ‘oh my god’ in front of me, but the first thoughts that hit your mind once you were alone were:  (Read More)

Bi Curious Singles Seek Friends on Bisexual Site

seeking friend

The term ‘bi-curious’ describe people who are keen on having a sexual experience with another person of same sex and who don’t want to label their personal sexual orientation using the word ‘bisexual’. Bisexual dating sites are hugely popular among bi-curious singles—and for good reasons. These sites provide them an easy way  (Read More)

What Does a Good Bisexual Dating Site Provide You?

couple dating

Bisexuality is defined, broadly speaking, as being attracted to both men and women. Sexual orientation, however, is a personal thing and different bisexual define their bisexuality differently. While bisexuality is as natural a state as heterosexuality, many people still do not know much about it and there are innumerable misconceptions about bisexuals.  (Read More)

How to Persuade Family to Accept That You Joined a Bisexual Site to Find Love

join bisexual site to find love

So, finally you’ve told your family that you are bisexual. Well, after a heart-to-heart talk you feel like a big load has been taken off your chest and are particularly happy and also a little proud of the support that your family has extended to you. However, there’s a little concern at the back of your mind: how to persuade them that you have joined a bisexual dating site to find true love?  (Read More)

More and More Straight people Join Bisexual Sites to Explore Their Bisexuality

explore your bisexuality

A straight person joining a bi dating site was completely unheard of a few years back, but now it’s not such a strange thing. Whichever dating site for bisexuals you may pick up, you are sure to find many straight people there. This trend is not limited to or seen majorly in one sex: both straight men and women in almost equal counts are found on dating sites meant for bisexuals.  (Read More)

How to Find a Good Swinger Site

try bicuriosity

Finding a good swinger site is likely going to be a challenge for you especially if you are new to swinging. That said, it might interest you to know that there are some simple and effective ways you can find a site where you can look for potential partners. One thing you should know is that there are many sites for swingers on the internet.  (Read More)

5 Tips for Dating As Trans Woman

try bicuriosity

When you get attracted to a transgender woman, your life is about to change. Whether you will love the experience or not will depend on how well you handle the dating. From the onset, it must dawn on you that you are not dealing with an ordinary woman. You need to enjoy the relationship while you trend with caution. Here is expert advice on how to handle a transgender woman and enjoy the relationship.  (Read More)

How to Protect Yourself on Bisexual Dating Websites

protect yourself

Bisexual dating is easier today than before, thanks mainly to the easy access to innumerable online bisexual dating websites that one can use to find a suitable partner. Having said that, increase in the popularity and reach of bisexual sites have also led an increase in the number of dating scams. If you are wondering how you can keep yourself protected from such scams,  (Read More)

Are You Going To Try First Time Your Bi Curiosity On Bisexual Site?

try bicuriosity

Are you bi curious and have had very limited or no experience of sexual activity with the member you’re your sex? Thinking about going on bisexual dating sites but not sure how to go about it? Are you new to the bisexual dating game? The first question you need to ask yourself is are you bisexual or just experimenting? Are you a man or woman?  (Read More)

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