Being Disexual is Difficult – The Trouble with an Orientation Nobody Believes

being bisexualFor bisexuals, trouble can come in many forms and types. Life can almost have no meaning, as you are in a constant hate-relationship with yourself. But, you can’t help it, as your sexuality is something you cannot control. That’s why you need to know about some of the most common disadvantages of being bisexual have to deal with and how they can cope with or even get rid of them.

Every Person Hates You

When you come out as bisexual, not only the narrow–minded, highly conservative or religious extremist start hating you, but also people who are otherwise quite liberal begin discriminating against you. This is because bisexuality is more or less misunderstood by the general public and is still not as widely accepted as being gay or lesbian.

Add this to the negative stereotypes attached with bisexuality, such as greediness, unfaithfulness or promiscuity, you may also feel worthless. However, the key is to stay strong and embrace your sexuality confidently. Keep in mind, people won’t change unless you do. So, accept who you are and be open about it. Once people realize you are no different than them, they will embrace your sexuality.

People Refuse to Believe Bisexuality Exists

Some people have an ignorant view regarding bisexuality, believing people can either be homosexual or straight. They aren’t aware of the beauty of a person falling in love with someone else, regardless of their sex.

Therefore, many refuse to understand bisexuality is real. And this is one of the main reasons why even on dating sites, you will find it incredibly rare for bisexuals to identify themselves.

The key to this problem is to gather a group of people with the same sexual orientation to show bisexuality does indeed exist. Start by telling one of your closest friends and slowly move to your parents. Once you have their backing, nobody will have the right to discriminate you for your sexual preferences.

Few People Can Give the Right Supportive Advice

As people have little knowledge of what being bisexual is like, there are few people who can give you the right advice regarding what to do. As there are not many communities who support bisexuality, it can also get difficult for bisexuals to voice their opinions. Therefore, for those who are trying to come out or are in need to support, this can be really troubling.

Nevertheless, to prevent this problem, you should remember creating awareness is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to tell people who you are. Show them bisexuals do exist in the community and that its time people finally accepted this fact.

Stereotypes, Stereotypes Everywhere!

As mentioned earlier, there are many stereotypes surrounding bisexuality. Some of the most common include being indecisive, going through a phase, closet cases, taking advantage of straight privileges, love threesomes, will never be satisfied or are just experimenting with their sexuality.

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Of course, this may hurt your feelings and make you feel bad regarding who you are. But positive changes can be made. Start a group with other bisexuals and promote your sexuality. When people start seeing this, you can eventually erase the negative stereotypes they have in their mind.

So, avoid feeling embarrassed about your sexuality, step away from the dark, and walk into the light by revealing your sexual orientation to others.