Bi Curious How to Find Bisexual Friends

seeking friendThe term ‘bi-curious’ describe people who are keen on having a sexual experience with another person of same sex and who don’t want to label their personal sexual orientation using the word ‘bisexual’.

Bisexual dating sites are hugely popular among bi-curious singles—and for good reasons. These sites provide them an easy way to meet like-minded people or bisexuals to explore same-sex relationships. As almost everybody on such sites is either bisexual or bi-curious, you don’t feel like you are out of place or the shyness or awkwardness that you might feel while hitting on a person of the same sex in a bar or a social gathering.

Anonymity is another advantage these sites offer. For certain reasons, you might want to keep your ‘bi-curious’ status hidden from your friends. On a bi curious dating site, your identity remains hidden if you want it that way, and you can meet someone whom your friends don’t know.

On a dating site for bisexuals, you can reach out to thousands of bisexuals and bi-curious people with a click. Another benefit is that you can search for a partner using certain preferences, like age bracket, zip code, personality traits, etc.

Without a doubt, bi dating sites offer many advantages. But for an exciting same-sex relationship, bi-curious singles must also keep in mind certain tips. These are:

  • Don’t ask personal questions too soon

Ok, you’ve come in touch with a bisexual person with whom you’ve hit off instantly. You are obviously attracted to meet the person and so is he or she. Don’t spoil your first meeting by asking personal questions, such as, with how many people you have slept with or how many partners you currently have.

  • Don’t meet in a private place

Your first meeting should always be in a public place. This will help ensure your safety and will allow you to quickly get away if the meeting doesn’t go as planned.

  • Keep a clear, honest line of communication

It is possible that you joined a bi dating site to have same sex experience. However, you are also enjoying the company of your partner, so is he or she, and now both of you want to take your relationship further. For a successful relationship, it is very important to keep a clear, honest line of communication, as it is draw the boundaries of the relationship, that is, are you exclusive or allowed to see others?

  • Don’t let jealousy play a spoilsport

Jealousy can easily set in a same sex relationship if one partner is also in a heterosexual relationship. It is very important for you and your partner to talk about it; otherwise, it can spoil the good time you two are having with each other. Instead of keeping feelings repressed, have an honest talk with your partner.

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  • Practice safe sex

This one goes without saying. Take all the necessary precaution to minimize the chances of transmitting or contacting a sexually transmitted disease. If you are not sure about what all precautions you must take, look for this information online. There are many sites which have got pretty detailed information about this aspect of same sex relationship.