I'm Bisexual and Proud!

bisexual and proudBeing bisexual can be hard, pretty much the same way its hard being homosexual, perhaps even harder. That is because when it comes to bisexuality, it’s not understood well enough among people. Not to mention, there are several negative myths about bisexuality and bisexual and proud quotes that are believed by many. Hence, you are thought to be unfaithful, greedy and several other terrible things even when you probably aren’t.

However, the fact of the matter is you should never feel pressurized into leading a life you aren’t happy with. You are who you are. And you should be proud of it. It’s your life and you are going to make the choices. So, if someone asks you about your sexuality, don’t be afraid to tell them who you are. There are several reasons why you should be proud of being bisexual:

  • Many Famous People Are Bisexual
  • Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Michael Cabin, Gillian Anderson, and Marlon Brando are just a few names on the list of many people who happen to be (or been) bisexuals. If they can lead a successful life as bisexuals, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t either.

  • Your Chances of Getting a Bisexual Dating Doubles
  • Being bisexual means you get to date both men and women. You are not tied down by any restrictions. Think about it. If there are only boys in your class or workplace, you may find a bisexual dating. And even if there are only girls in your class, you may still find a bisexual dating!

  • You Can Give the Best Relationship Advice
  • As you can have a relationship with people from both genders, you will learn and experience a lot along the way. With time, you will be able to give the best relationship advice to your friends, whether they are gay, straight or like you.

  • Bisexuals Are More Mature
  • Research has shown people who identify themselves as bisexuals are often more mature than others. How is that possible? Well, as their body excretes sex hormones on a greater scale, their brains are a lot more developed than people who are straight. So, not only will you be able to give good relationship advice, but also keep your own relationship healthy and strong.

  • You Are Different
  • Being different is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be proud of. Think about all the positive aspects regarding your orientation. However, do not listen to what people say, as they are often uneasy about things they are unable to understand. Not to mention, everyone has their own opinions and that’s just something we cannot change!

  • Flexibility
  • Being bisexual gives you the advantage of being flexible in your relationships. So, if you had a bad the relationship did not turn out well with one gender, you can switch to the other gender and try your luck with them. Moreover, you also do not have any problems or uneasiness when it comes to mixing with the opposite gender. You will enjoy any type of company you get!

    As you can see, there are countless reasons why you should be proud of being bisexual! Sure, there are certain disadvantages due to the narrow-mindedness of society, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are any less important! So, say it with us loud and clear, “I am bisexual and proud!”