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Bisexual Date Link
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Bisexual Date Link is out #11 choice for bisexual dating. It offers a quick and easy means for making bisexual connections. There are thousands of members online on the site at any given time and it is easy to meet real bisexual people living near your location.



  • Basic Membership is Free
  • Only 1 Month Membership for $30.00

Free Registration

You can join the site for free and make a basic search giving information regarding your gender and the gender you are looking for, along with the age range to find a match near you. Any bisexual person can register using his email id and filling up the necessary details, such as his gender, date of birth, email address, country and city.

Searching Profiles

The user interface is simple and the site is easily navigable. Your home has all the icons, such as your Account, Mailbox, profile details, photos, and a Live Chat icon all listed neatly one below the other. The app for creating of profile prompts the users to fill the fields.

You can search from the Search Now and enter your criteria for finding other members. You can also search based on a specific user name. There is also an internal email system; so if you receive an email message from a user, you can click on the person’s name in the folder and view his or her profile. In the Home section, you can access other profiles, through the emailed area, the hot list area or the Viewed area.

Chat Rooms

A Live Chat icon takes you straight to the chatting option, once you have signed in or logged in using your username and your password. In the chat rooms, you can also view personal biographies and view photos. You can select a person with whom you would like to chat.

Emails and Messages

The site offers a private emailing system and emails from any external account will not be delivered to you. You can view the mails sent to you and see the profiles of the person. It is up to you to receive the email or block, remove or unblock the person. You can also send emails to other members. You can send messages by clicking on the email me link of the profile or addressing the mail to the name@DateLInkNetworks.

Member Spotlight

This is a kind of window, where other members can preview your pictures. You can request your picture also to be added to this spotlight. This increases the chances of your photo being seen by other bisexuals. However, the space is limited, so there is a periodic rotation.

Hot List

Members are allowed to create a hot list of their favorites. All you have to do is to visit the member and click on the Add link. At any point of time, you can also block a particular member and remove him or her from the Hot List. It is possible to have a maximum of twenty-five people on your hot list. Both free and paid members can access the Hot List feature, but you have to sign up before you can start using the feature.

Paid Membership

If you want to upgrade to the paid membership, you will have to pay an amount of $30, which is quite an affordable fee and equal to other such dating sites. Paid members can access advanced search criteria with various parameters, such as hobbies, music preferences, physical characteristics, the number of the tattoos on their body and many other details.

Photos and Gallery

By adding photos to your profile, you can make it more attractive, as you are more likely to be contacted by other bisexuals. However, the Date Link has to approve the photos before they appear on your profile. There is no limit to the number of photos you can post, but there is a limit to the file size, with 10 MB being the upper limit for profile photos. You can post one primary photo and then load the others in the photo gallery, with the total not exceeding 10 MB.

There are two photo galleries for storing the additional photos. One of them is a public one and the other one is a private one called the Backstage gallery, which only those with permission can access.


The site offers excellent privacy settings, where you can allow or disallow a member from contacting you. You can prevent a specific person from showing interest, block them from using the Networks messenger and chatting with you and so on. The internal emailing system ensures that your private information will not be revealed to other members.


Though all members can send winks, but only paid members can chat with other members and message them. It is important to become a paid member if you want to access all the features of the site and get a productive membership.

Editor’s Verdict

The site is very useful for those who are interested in both the sexes and want to have the best of both worlds. It is a great platform for bisexuals on the look out for friendship, companionship or romance. The design of the website is very simple and offers all the features that you need, to quickly find a suitable partner.

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