Do Bisexual People Always Find Bisexual Partners in Local?

looking for local bi peopleFirst of all, maybe we should go over what bisexuality is. It is not a disease, or a choice, or a way to rebel against your parents. Being bisexual is not something that someone wakes up and decides to do one day like someone decides to go color their hair or get their ears pierced.

Bisexuality means the person is attracted to both genders, and that’s it. In some cases, they may be more sexually attracted to one gender, but more mentally attracted to the other. Or they may be equally attracted to both genders, but it is not like they are just experimenting with one or the other. They are truly attracted to both men and women.

  • Can Bisexual Relationships Really Work?

Just because a person is bisexual does not mean that they cannot be in a monogamous relationship because they need both a man and a woman. Just like in a heterosexual relationship, the person can be in love with just one person and not need to have others.

Just because a gay woman finds other women attractive does not mean she is going to go have sex with them if she is already in a relationship. If a person is a cheater, they will cheat. If they are not, they will not. It is that simple. Unless that person is in an open relationship, then that is a whole other story.

  • How Do I Find Others?

So, how do bisexuals manage to find other bisexuals? It is not like there is a way to tell by looking at someone and there are no real “Bisexual Bars” like there are “Gay Bars.” Well, there are definitely clubs where those in this type of relationship can go to hang out with others in that situation, but how do they find them?

Well, there are plenty of bisexual dating sites, bi curious dating sites, forums, Facebook and Google Groups, and Twitter Clubs. There are also many gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) clubs that advertise in the local newspaper or magazines as well as local GLBT community groups.

  • Why Hang Together?

But, why do local bisexuals always tend to want to hang around with other local bisexuals? The answer to that is simple. Because there is strength in numbers. Seriously, it is not easy to be bisexual even though the world seems to be trying to accept being gay.

Maybe because being bisexual is looked at as if you are not sure you know what you are and who you want. Or maybe it is because many people are scared to acknowledge that bisexuality is real simply because they do not understand it. So, when you find someone who understands what you are feeling and what you are going through, you tend to stick close to that person.

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Not to be in a sexual relationship with them, but for support. Yes, a bisexual person can be friends with both men and women gay, straight, bisexual, and transgender. Just like a heterosexual woman can be friends with men.

Support is important no matter who you are and what your sexual preference may be. It is important to have a friend or two in your corner. So if you are visiting any bisexual dating site be sure to look for locals.