8 Misconceptions about bisexual women busted

bisexual womenBisexual females are this and that and God knows what not if many who don’t have an idea about bisexuality but are always too eager to express their opinion about it are to be believed. The truth of the matter are bisexual women are just like other women. If you are someone seeking bi females online, you would do well to get over and done with the following 8 common misconceptions about bisexual women which are most ‘uncool’.

  • 1. “Oh, it’s just a phase; you’ll soon get over it”

Hello, bisexuality is not a shirt you wear for some time then drop it—at least not for most people.

Yes, it’s true, that some experiment with bisexuality, usually in their college years, and consequently find bisexuality is for not them. However, majority of the women remain bisexual all through their life.

It is perhaps one of the leading sites when it comes to bisexual people. It isn’t exactly a dating site as the main focus is to be a forum wherein bisexual people can seek support, love and care. You can make your own profile and be heard. People can share their story, find like-minded people, sometimes date and you have the option of joining the conversation with other people too.

  • 2. “They are sex-crazy”

There as many sex-crazy straight women as there are bisexual women. Sexual orientation has no relation whatsoever with sex drive. Period.

  • 3. “They are confused”

This is another common misconception, especially among people who can’t accept bisexuality as a real thing. They believe bisexuality women are confused, that is, they can’t decide whether they are straight or lesbian. Listen pal, they decided long time ago, but it is you who is not accepting, and respecting their choice.

  • 4. “They can’t commit to a monogamous relationship”

On the contrary, bisexual women are just as likely to fail at monogamous relationships as straight women. There’s no data in the world that says otherwise. There are many bisexual women who would love to “settle down” with the Mr. or Ms. Right—and many every day do just that!

  • 5. “Oh, now that you are with a man you must be surely missing making out with a female?”

Bisexual women are no more promiscuous than straight women. And, no, they don’t have an alarm in their body that sets off every time they are in a monogamous relationship and pushes them to grab another set of genitals at every opportunity.

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  • 6. “You are bisexual only if it is 50/50”

Many believe to qualify as a bisexual, you must have slept with equal numbers of men and women. This is so, so weird. Everyone is unique. Some like to be with men more often than women and some the other way around. And some, more or less, have equal partners from both sexes. In other words, there’s no right or wrong way to be bisexual.

  • 7. “Every bisexual loves threesome”

It’s true some bisexuals find threesome exciting. However, the same can be said about straight men and women. And just like the latter, not all bisexual women dig into threesome.

  • 8. “They are not side item”

Sure, most men want to be more than one woman, but more than a few men believe that a bisexual women is not the main thing. They think of her as a side item, someone with whom they want to hook with till the real thing walks into their life.

Throw away these misconceptions from your mind and you will have better success dating bisexual women.