How To Tell My Boyfriend That I’m Bisexual

couple talkingHaving this much-needed discussion with your partner can lead to various conclusions. It is something that won’t be a piece of cake for either one of you. This is one such news that can either make or break your relationship, and should be forwarded with utmost patience and maturity. When you think you are ready and is sure about your sexuality, have a healthy discussion with your partner about the same and reach a mutual decision.

Why should you have this discussion?

One should always be completely honest in a relationship. If you are hiding about your sexuality from your partner, you are not only being dishonest with them, but also with yourself. Try to analyze the entire situation by walking in their shoes. If you are sure that you are bisexual, then you should convey the news in a very subtle and pragmatic manner to your partner. If they really understand you, they will handle things maturely as well.

Have “the talk”

You might need to encourage yourself a little before having the talk. Start by educating your partner the true meaning of bisexuality. Let them know about your sexual preferences and how you identify yourself in the bed. Have a right approach and provide them with enough knowledge about bisexuality before telling them about your sexual preferences so that they can analyze the situation in a better way.

What do you want?

After informing them about your sexual identity, let them know what you want in your life. Express them in a very clear and crisp manner about what plans you have about your life and how would you like to associate your partner with those plans of yours. Informing them about your future goals can be really useful as it will help them understand your plans and thoughts. You should always paint the entire picture in black and white, and should never leave them hanging in between.

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Hear their opinion

After conveying everything, ask for their opinion. You should patiently hear whatever they would like to express. Chances are that the news could be a little overwhelming to them and they might not be able to take any decision at that point in time. You can always give them enough time in order to let them process the news. Give them enough space and time so that they can reach a conclusion. Even if they decide something completely unexpected, instead of picking a fight, you should accept their choice as politely as possible.

Reach a conclusion

After when the both of you have expressed your opinions, you should always reach a conclusion. Chances are that the two of you might agree on one thing without any argument. Though, there might be a possibility of the two of you wanting a separate future for each other. You should both reach to a mutual decision after having a healthy discussion. Instead of changing each other entirely, you should both make an effort and meet each other halfway.

You can’t dodge the bullet your whole life and you certainly need to have this discussion with your partner sooner or later. Be honest and make every moment count so that you won’t have any regrets in your life!