Top 10 things not to do when you meet bisexual people

meet bi peopleBisexuality exists and bisexuals, like any other people, don’t like to be spoken rudely to. Next time you meet a bisexual, remember not to utter these 10 statements, unless you are someone who gets a kick out of hurting others’ feelings and getting a whap in return.

  • 1. “Oh, You will pick a side eventually”

Some people just can’t seem to understand that one can like both genders. As far as they are concerned, bisexuality doesn’t exist.

Their thinking is that one might experiment with bisexuality but ultimately the person chooses one side.

Well… there’s news for such people: bisexuality exists and is perfectly normal.

  • 2. “You will get over it”

Bisexuality is not a fad, nor is it a viral fever which will go away in a few days. Bisexuality is a choice.

You are straight because you like it that way. In the same way, bisexuals like to be bisexuals. They are just being themselves, as you are being yourself. Don’t demean their choice by saying something so mean.

  • 3. “Oh, so you are gay now that you’re going with a man, or straight now that you’re going with a woman?”

A bisexual is bisexual in the morning, day, and night. In summers and in winter. In his youth and in middle years. It is not something he puts on for some time and get out of it at other times. Understood?

  • “So, don’t you miss a man now that you are with a woman or a woman if you are with a man?”

There are many bisexuals who are in monogamous relationship—and perfectly happy. And, no, they don’t miss the other set of genitals if they are exclusively going with one person.

Guess what? It’s the person who matters, not the genitals!

  • 5. “All bisexuals are sexually greedy”

There’s no data that confirms this widely-accepted belief about bisexuals held by many straight, gay, and lesbian people. They are no more sexually greedy than anyone having a different sexual orientation.

  • 6. “Bisexuals are cheaters”

There are just as many cheaters in the bisexual community as there are in the lesbian, gay, or straight community. A cheater is, well, a cheater—nothing more and nothing less. A person’s sexual orientation doesn’t make him a cheater.

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  • 7. “Bisexuals are low on commitment”

This is another huge misconception about bisexuals. Committing to a relationship is a personality trait and is not dependent your sexual orientation. There are many bisexuals who are in a monogamous relationship for many years, just like straight people.

  • 8. “Bisexuals spread HIV

Unprotected sex is unsafe, whether it is between two men or it is between a man and a woman. The crux of the matter is that you must always use protection and know your own as well as your partner’s status. And this advice is just as important for bisexuals as it is for straight people.

  • 9. “All Bisexuals live for threesomes”

This is just a myth. Bisexuals in general don’t like threesomes any more or any less than people of other sexual orientations. A threesome is as much an option for bisexuals as it is for others.

  • 10. “Bisexuals are very few in numbers”

This is hardly true. Bisexuals might be hesitant to speak out, but that’s not so much because of them being a small community as it is because of lingering stigmas.