What Is Bisexuality? What is Bisexuality Relationship

defien bisexualWho do you think you love? Are you curious about the other gender or do the people of your gender attracts you the most? Are you simply curious to know more about your sexuality, or do you think that people of both the gender satisfies your cravings?

If you have thought about these questions before, then it is high-time you halt them. The only person who can answer these questions for you is yourself. If you truly want to identify your sexual orientation, then dig a little deeper and you will certainly get the answer.

Sexuality is not defined in black and white. It is a spectrum of different shades, and all of us have our distinctive place in the spectrum. Don’t judge yourself for your identity, as this is who you are and there is no other way you should explore the world.

In simple term, bisexuality is the kind of sexual orientation in which a person is attracted to people of both the genders. The term can be confusing, but it is only those who don’t like to understand the basics of bisexuality finds it confusing. If you are attracted to more than one gender, it simply means that you are bisexual.

There is no barometer to it or a measuring scale that can help you define how bisexual you are. The same way one can’t be 100% straight or 100% gay, bisexuals also feel attracted to others, irrespective of their gender. There is no 50/50 scale to it, which makes it so simple and easy to define. When you are attracted to someone – you don’t care about their gender or how they look.

defien bisexual

Attraction never follows a law, it just happens. This is exactly where bisexuality has emerged from – at the core of attraction. It encompasses all the extremes of sexuality and yet balances the scale by staying at the middle point of it. There is no ideal age or time for a person to identify their sexuality, be it straight, gay, or simply curious. Bisexuality is no such exception, as an individual can experience a change in their behaviour anytime.

There are two main characteristics that describe an individual’s sexuality: behaviour and identity. If an individual has experienced a sexual encounter or is simply attracted to people of more than one gender, then they can be projected as having a bisexual behaviour, but the same individual might not be identified as bisexual.

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In the same way, an individual, without having any sexual experience or attraction can be identified as bisexual. Over the course of time, anyone can depict a change in their behaviour as well as identification.

As stated, it is all about identifying where you exist in the spectrum that hardly has any boundaries in between. If the world is divided into two parts according to the gender to which people are attracted, then bisexuals would be that overlapping part that would exist on both the sides.

You don’t need to date both men and women to know that you are bisexual, and you don’t have to define yourself as fluid too. You don’t have to measure the level of attraction towards them. You are simply attracted to more than just one gender and it is time you should start embracing it!