What You Probably Didn’t Know About Bisexuality

Much has been spoken about bisexuality, but there are some simple facts and truths about bisexuality which many people are still unaware of. Well, this post broadens your knowledge about bisexuals by presenting seven facts and truths that you might not know about them.

  • 1. There are more bisexuals than lesbians and gays

Oh, and you thought bisexuality is not the real thing! Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

premium site Bisexuality is very much a real thing and there are more self-proclaimed bisexuals than lesbians and gays. This is exactly what a national survey done by The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011 revealed. Nearly 3% of respondents declared themselves as bisexual, compared to only 2.5 % who called themselves gay or lesbian.

This, by the way, is not the only study to point that bisexuals outnumber lesbians and gays. Other studies in the past had declared the same thing.

  • 2. Bisexuality is more common in younger people than in older people

This actually is hardly surprising. Young people are more acceptable of their own sexuality. A research showed that people under 40 years of age believed being attracted to both women and men is no big deal at all.

  • 3. More women are bisexual than men—or more women accept it

Some 15 years ago a lab researched women, irrespective of their sexual orientation, responded more to bisexual erotica, compared to men. Whereas, a recent research shows that almost 15 % girls of adolescent age have had a same-sex experience.

  • 4. Many heterosexuals feel threatened by bisexuals because the later blurs the line

There are people who prefer things that neatly fit into a category, like heterosexuals, who like the opposite sex, or homosexual, who like people from their own sex. Bisexuals don’t fit either of the categories. You can’t box them as 100% gay or 100% heterosexual. Because of this fact, many heterosexual are not sure of how to respond to bisexuals.

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  • 5. Bisexuals are not sex-crazed people

Yes, they go both ways, but that doesn’t mean they have sex all the time on their minds. In fact, there’s no data to show that bisexuals are any more sex-crazed than heterosexuals or homosexuals. And they are just as likely to be in a monogamous relationship as heterosexuals or homosexuals.

  • 6. Many bisexuals prefer to not declare their sexuality

You can hardly blame them for this. As much as anyone says that there’s no prejudice against bisexuals, the truth is that it is prevalent to at least certain degree even in the most developed societies. This truth explains why only 23% bisexuals tell others about their sexual orientation. The rest let other assume that they are homosexual or heterosexual.

  • 7. The LGBT community still has not accepted bisexuals (The B in the name) wholeheartedly

Most bisexuals vouch for the fact that there’s an undeclared bi-phobia among other members of LGBT community or bisexual dating sites. The community only marginally accepts bisexuals, and this leaves bisexuals with a feeling that they are really without a community.