How to Choose the Right Bisexual Online Site?

how to chooseBisexuals and bi-curious are no longer a miniscule minority; in fact they are quite a big group. One proof of this is huge numbers of exclusive dating sites for people interested only in bisexual dating.

As the name suggests, bisexual dating sites connects bisexuals from all over the world. Many people on such sites are looking only for a causal relationship while many others join to find a special person. While different members have different expectations from online bisexual dating sites, one this certain: members here are either bisexuals or bi-curious.


Just like different people want different things from dating sites, different bisexual dating sites provide different levels of service. On the surface, every bisexual dating site is geared toward one thing and one thing only: to help members spice up their dating scenes.

However, different bisexual dating sites goes about it in different ways. For instance, some offer only standard features while many others offer the best features in online dating to allow members to have a wonderful dating experience. Furthermore, some bisexual dating sites are for both bi men and women, while a few are meant for only bi women.

Choosing the right bisexual dating site is a key factor in successful online dating. This guide will take you through some basic and some advanced features of bisexual dating sites and offer some great advice to help you make an informed decision when it comes to picking an online bisexual dating site.

Bisexual dating sites

In last few years, the online dating industry has grown tremendously. Just like in case of mainstream dating sites, the number of bisexual dating sites has increased considerably. Today top bisexual dating sites offer almost every feature that a top mainstream bisexual dating site offers.

Common features

Without a doubt, a large number of bisexual dating sites exist. However, many features are common to almost every bisexual dating site. Which features are these? Read on to know…

  • Member Profiles

All bisexual dating sites feature member profiles, which is basically a brief description about you. Your profile is created automatically when you answer a few questions and write something describing you as a person upon registering on a site. Many sites also allow members to upload photos and create their personal albums. While the first feature is provided to free members by and large, the second one is reserved only for paid members. Some top sites also let paid members upload video content as well.

  • Search tools

This is the most practical feature of online dating sites. Some site offer more search options than others and invariably every bisexual dating site, unless it is completely free, offers advanced search options to paid members only.

  • Instant messaging

The search option allows you to search for probable mates and this feature allows you to contact those members whose profiles you have found attractive. However, there’s a caveat here: only paid members can initiate a contact. Free members can only reply to messages received from paid members, that too in case of some bisexual dating sites, only a few at a time.

  • Forums and chat rooms

Forums allow you to discuss trending topics related to bisexual dating as well unrelated to it with other members. Chat rooms, on the other hand, allow you to interact with other members through text. Both features, in most cases, is available only to paid members.

  • Customer support and FAQ section

The FAQ section answers most common questions regarding the site in question while customer support is designed to fix any issue that you might be facing regarding the use of site or answer any concern of yours. Many sites offer customer support via telephone as well as email, while some offer help only via email.

Advanced Features

Here are a couple of features that you are likely to find only in the top bisexual sites.

  • Video Chat

Get up close and personal with other members through video chat, a feature that only a few bisexual dating sites offer at present.

  • Let’s Meet

This feature allows you to find a mate quickly and anonymously. What’s more it works on mobiles as well. Through Let’s Meet, you can quickly go through photos of members preselected for you and with a quick tap can like or dislike it. In case you someone whom you have liked likes you back, the site informs both of you that you are a match.

What are the things you must look out for in a bisexual dating site?

Here are top 4 things to consider when joining a bisexual dating site:

  • Numbers

There’s a general perception that the more number of users a bisexual dating site has, the better it is. While this is true to some extent, a better yardstick for ascertaining how a good a site is the number of active members.

  • Paid Membership

Almost every bisexual dating site offers a free membership, but there’s not much you can do with it. If you are serious about bisexual dating, become a paid member, and, no, you don’t have to spend a huge amount to become one. Many sites offer paid membership at affordable rates. With that said, there are some free sites that offer an option to get your profile verified. You can also consider such a site. As a verified member, you certainly will be able to gather more attention from other members.

  • Niche bisexual dating sites

This may work for some and may not work for others. It is more likely to work for bisexuals who have a selective taste, like bisexual women wanting to date other bisexual women only.

  • Compatibility matching

Some sites have better compatibility matching than others. In case your wish is to enter a serious relationship with a suitable person, you will be better off by joining a site with a better compatibility matching track record. On the other hand, if you are looking for causal dating, what you need is more matches, and not necessarily fewer matches with potentially better compatibility with you.

The Bottom-line

Locating the right bisexual dating site is not an easy thing. Use the information listed in this buying guide to make an informed decision. Remember, the right bisexual dating site can sparkle your love life in no time at all. Whereas, an average dating site may fail to take your dating life to the next level, irrespective of how hard you try or how much time you spend on it. So choose wisely!