Girls Would You Date A Bisexual Man?

women date bi guyBisexuality has become something so common and is well accepted in the generation of today. Im dating a bisexual man - It has become very apparent that exploits in the lives of people nowadays towards achieving their sexual desires have been undertaken even more vigorously and open.

Change has hit this generation so much that it actually defines the generation itself; the generation of change. Dating a bisexual man has become the agenda of many men and quite frankly it is not that hard for men to achieve this because many women nowadays are bi curious and so men are oh so willing to go ahead and date them.

The thing now is how the reverse situation is unfolding; are women oh so willing to get into relationships with bisexual men? So girls, would you like to date a bisexual man without getting jealous or stressed or upset? While girls may say that they probably would and won’t see this as an issue, they might get jealous when if he looks at other girls or men! They may find it difficult and they may freak out if he just comes out with it.

The fact is that more men are coming out as bisexual and the women need to accept bisexual male in a straight relationship sooner or later. These days where judgment is not passed on people’s desires but they are celebrated, a woman dating a bisexual man should be just as normal as men seeking bisexual women. It is clearly time for women to accept these men just the same and not look at their bisexuality as a crutch.

Looking for a man who is bisexual may not be a criteria that women would choose but the main thing that this generation is trying to get across is that there will be men who are bisexual and the unsuspecting women will not shun them until they find out something is wrong.

The fact that most women are not okay with bisexual men has caused them to remain in the closet about their sexuality and thus they are going into relationships with half-truths and you cannot really achieve proper content unless you are open to yourself and others. Support for all those who are bisexual is needed whether they are women or men.

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Granted that men are very different from women and they are more willing to be looking for bisexual women as opposed to the reverse but both scenarios should be encouraged. Many prominent male figures in the recent past have admitted to be bisexual and yet they have still had long successful relationships such as Malcolm X believe it or not, Billie Joe Armstrong the lead singer of the rock band Green Day and so many more men out there.

It is time to realize that having a bisexual man, as a partner is no more different than having any other man as a partner; they do not look at you any different or love any differently. It only matters how both parties fell towards each other.

It is time that you get with the times and not discriminate because those days are far long gone.