Bisexual Woman: How To Experiment With Another Girl?

date bi womenWould you date a bisexual woman? There are so many ways that you can spruce up or entice your sex life and one of them is to occasionally experiment with a bisexual woman especially if you are bi curious. For the bi curious women out there who have had thoughts of being with another woman then experimentation may be at the forefront of your agenda but it is not all simple.

Experimenting with a girl if you are truly bi curious needs a bit more attention and is not a straightforward process as everyone may think. Experimentation may not go all the way into dating bisexual women rather it is just a test run to see if you are really up to it.

If one is really thinking about experimenting not just for the fun of it to find out where you as a woman stand then you should most likely begin by just imagining the scenario in which you would engage with another bisexual woman.

Seeing and noticing what turns you on about another woman will go a long way in making sure that if you are to go through with the experimentation then you will know exactly what you are going to do; whether it is just a make out session or it would be oral sex or full on sex.

Most women actually tend to have their most experimental phase in college at parties when they are drunk and they end up kissing other women at the parties. They tend to go for their friends who they are already familiar with and have a certain kind of comfort with, but this can also prove to be counter-productive since you will inevitably see them again and it may end up being awkward for the both parties involved. The catalyst of such impromptu hook ups could be alcohol influence and so if you would like to seriously wife experiment with another bisexual woman then it is advisable to do it when sober. There is another query to me how do i experiment with another guy?

Also, one should avoid experimenting with friends since there is too much between the two parties unless you are sure that doing it will not make it weird between the two of you later. It may be kind of odd seeking bisexual women to experiment with but it is the best thing to do. You may want to first strike up some flirtatious conversations with the women perhaps from class if you are in college and then go on from there.

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Experimentation may take many forms from just kissing to sex but as the person doing the experimenting then you should not feel forced or be pressured to do or take part in anything that you are not willing to do. Anyone looking for bisexual women should be steady and comfortable in her endeavors so that she may really see where she stands in the whole self-realization process.

Women experimenting on other bisexual women is really something very common now but if not done right will not yield any satisfaction or productivity. If you are bi curious, do try it properly.