Looking For Bisexual Relationship with Girls: 7 Things You Should Consider

looking for bisexual girlsIf you’re seeking bisexual women for a short or long-term relationship, you have to be prepared for a set of particular challenges. It may seem like a lot of fun, but it can also lead to serious long-term stress and it may even bring up some of your own deeply hidden insecurities.

  • 1. Are you dating her only because she’s bisexual?
  • Curiosity is only natural, in particular with men interested in looking for bsiexual date with girls. It seems it’s a bit the other way for women – lesbians are reluctant to date a bisexual woman, feeling somewhat betrayed by the other’s uncertain preferences. However, if you’re in only for curiosity, you have to admit openly that this is not solid ground for a long-term relationship.

  • 2. Is she only seeking attention?
  • While there are many women who are bisexual, there are also all too many who only play a role to get attention – and this should be a huge red flag. These are the kind of girls who may kiss another when they’re tipsy, or who take provocative photos with other girls for their Facebook accounts. They hope to attract men seeking bisexual women by playing a role.

  • 3. Are you ready to put up with a complicated relationship?
  • Many men looking for bisexual women don’t understand how complicated things can get. In particular if you’re the jealous type, ready to flare as soon as somebody glances towards your date, you should ask whether this is the right choice for you – because now you have grounds to be jealous of the entire population.

  • 4. Is she secure in her choices?
  • Not everybody is ready to accept bisexuality, and both men and women who’ve made this choice have to deal with a lot of pressure – even from within their own family or circle of friends. Once you decide to date a bisexual woman, you have to be ready to cope with that pressure, as it will reflect on your relationship and on yourself as well.

  • 5. What are your long-term plans?
  • Dating bisexual women often seems like a phase for a college student. Even if you start the relationship with nothing serious in mind, are you prepared for what may happen in the future? If you genuinely fall in love with her and want to take the next step, will you be comfortable with having a bisexual wife?

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  • 6. Can you accept who she is?
  • Bisexuality doesn’t go away with time. You have to be prepared to accept that this will always be a part of her – for as long as she remains a part of your life.

  • 7. Do you truly understand bisexuality?
  • There is a saying among men seeking bisexual women - that it’s okay for a girl to be bisexual, as long as she’s willing to share. This may sound fun and exciting when you’ve just started dating, but you have to think about consequences, too. Can you deal with having a girlfriend who gets more satisfaction from a relationship with another woman?

Ultimately, none of these things should matter. Once you find a compatible partner, once you know she’s the right one for you, you’ll be able to accept her for who she is. Talking is the key to understanding her needs – and remember that love does indeed conquer all obstacles.