How to Persuade Family to Accept That You Joined a Bisexual Site to Find Love

join bisexual site to find loveSo, finally you’ve told your family that you are bisexual. Well, after a heart-to-heart talk you feel like a big load has been taken off your chest and are particularly happy and also a little proud of the support that your family has extended to you.

However, there’s a little concern at the back of your mind: how to persuade them that you have joined a bisexual dating site to find true love? You are worried that your family members will look at your decision the wrong way, as nothing more than an attempt to satisfy the raging hormones.

Stop worrying, for there are arguments you can put forward to convince them that, just like on heterosexual dating sites, on bisexual sites too all sorts of people join, some who are looking for nothing more than casual sex and some who are looking for nothing less than a long-term relationship, and that you belong to the latter group.

Use the following tactful tips to show them the benefits of joining dating sites.

1. Tell them about real-life examples

Genuine evidence is hard to refute, and that’s why you must collect some real-life examples of bisexuals who have build strong, long-lasting relationships with people whom they met through dating sites. In case you know of any such couple, why not request them to meet your family? Their example will help your family realize that meeting the right guy or girl is something that happens all the time on bi dating sites. It will also help them understand that these sites are much more than just a mean to find sex partners.

2. Tell them how convenient these dating sites—at least the good ones—are

Going out on a blind date or a date with someone whom you know just a little can lead to awkward situations. Whereas, on a dating site you can defer meeting a person until you are convinced that you really want to meet him or her.

persuade people

3. Tell them your identity on these sites remain protected

Sometimes parents are worried about people in their circle finding out that their son or daughter is bisexual, especially when they themselves have just learned about it. In most cases, family members soon come overcome their unwarranted fear or concern, once they realize bisexuality is not a big deal.

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However, for the time being, you can use their misguided fear to your advantage by showing them how your identity remains completely protected on bisexual dating sites, and that no one can guess the person behind a screen name.

4. Tell them you will follow safe bisexual dating practices

Your parents might be against your joining a dating site because they are worried about your becoming a victim to a dating scam. While these scams do occur, they rarely, if ever, happen to users who adhere to safe dating guidelines.

Convince your parents that you will always stick to safe dating practices, like never displaying your personal information (last name, email address, home address, etc.) in your profile, never sharing your financial information with someone with whom you are chatting, never giving out money to any other site user, and never meeting anyone for the first time in a private place.