Loudly Speak Out I am Bi Sexual

speak out bisexualSexual orientation is something one doesn’t have a choice about. However, in this modern world, many of us face difficulties in believing that.

Nevertheless, where being gay or homosexual was considered straight out bad in the past, the perception of NOT being straight has somewhat changed today. Now, people are more accepting towards lesbians and gays.

But, there is another section of the society that is a huge victim of discrimination: bisexuals! In a way, bisexuality has presented itself as a ‘bridge’ between all dichotomies and not many people are aware of the beauty of falling in love with a person or another human ‘being’ regardless of their sex.

So, to all those bisexuals out there, don’t feel afraid to be who YOU are. Speak out I'm bisexual by following these simple tips to reveal your sexual orientation:

  • Remain Confident and Calm – There’s Nothing to Be Afraid Of
  • Don’t be afraid of what people think and be confident in who you are. Remember, if you beat around the bush, it may just give an impression of YOU being ashamed or not sure of your sexual orientation yet.

    Embrace your sexuality confidently and overcome all fears related to exposing it to the society. Keep in mind, people won’t change their thinking unless you do! This means if you are more ‘open’ about it, people will take it better.

  • Tell Your Most Trusted Friend – Step Away from the Dark
  • Of course, you can’t just grab a loudspeaker and scream your lungs out claiming you are bisexual. But what you can do is come out of the closet and tell your most trusted friend about it. Revealing your sexuality to a person who you hold close to your heart will lessen the burden off your shoulders.

    It will also build up the confidence needed to tell the rest of the world, like the preparatory phase before leaving for the final mission. If you are afraid of telling your friend, you could find some advice on some bisexual dating sites and find some bisexual people to seek advice.

  • Start Sharing with Other Close Friends – Walk into the Light
  • Congratulations! You have finally revealed your sexuality to your closest friend. Now, there’s no stopping you from revealing it to other close friends. So, continue sharing your story with other close friends, but make sure to approach the topic lightly. Why? Because those without similar feelings take time to understand what you mean. Find the appropriate location and time to tell them, and gradually ease into the subject.

  • Eventually Tell Your Parents – They Should Know Too
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    Most of your friends know about your sexuality, but that’s not enough. You need the backing of your parents too. As time passes and people become more aware and comfortable regarding your sexual orientation, tell your parents too.

    They may feel shocked by the sudden news, so give them time to process it. Most likely, they will process the information and figure out how to respond to you after a day or two. So, don’t be impatient and try to keep your calm at all times.

    Last, but not the least, negativity often surrounds bisexuality. Therefore, remain strong at all times and never allow people to keep you from seeking happiness, taking chances, or missing the best moments. So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, revealing your bisexuality to the people around you won’t be a problem!