Would You Support Your Bisexual Wife To Explore Her Bisexuality?

my wife explore bisexualityWomen these days assert their independence from the norm or what one would in the past consider acceptable, and this they have done in making sure (amongst other activities) that they are free to choose who their sexual partners are. Right now there are bi sexual and bi curious women how to tell husband I am bisexual across all the societies and cultures.

So what happens when one happens to marry a bisexual wife in the midst of all the women out there? Most men will actually say that they do not have a problem with having a bisexual or a bi curious wife because then they can justify their desires of having certain encounters such as threesomes or orgies; most men are actually looking for bisexual women because of this fact.

What some of them may not understand is that accepting their bisexual wives and accepting their wives desires also does help the women in this situation. A desire not fulfilled or a journey not ventured is like an itch that you just cannot reach to scratch and it is imperative that such feelings of dissatisfaction not be experienced in a marriage.

support wife

But there is also the other side of the coin whereby men actually say that they cannot bring themselves to dating bisexual women because they say that it is too much of a crutch on the relationship and there is too much baggage that is involved. This may be true enough but if these bisexual women are not supported in their sexuality then what will happen to them?

Not every person that identifies with this life of bisexuality feels the need to act on it and so the relationship will still remain the same and it is the prerogative of the husband of the woman in question to help them understand this fact and so it is not really a big deal.

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Another important reason for men with bisexual wives to support their wives is that accepting this state for most women or anyone for that matter may be very hard to accept and may take its toll. Some of those who are bisexual may be at war with their nature because they do not want to lose their loved ones and so it is very important that they realize that they still do have support and that they are still loved regardless of the type of people they are attracted to because at the end of the day, they are the wives to their husbands and so they had already made their choice of who they love and so all one can tell them is to hold on. Men should not be afraid of seeking bisexual women because they love just the same.

It is a natural question then for men - how does a woman commit to one person if they are giving up 50% of what they are? The answer is simple – they are looking to have children and don’t want to spend rest of their lives in loneliness. It is possible that they will remain sexually attracted towards other women, but strongly mentally and socially attracted to their husbands.