Bisexual Relationship Problems: Should Avoid "You Did What"

avoid to do in bisexual relationshipHaving a bisexual relationship on bisexual dating site can not only be a unique but also a really fun experience, regardless of whether the other partner is straight or there are more than two people in the relationship.

However, there are a few things those in a bisexual relationship should make a rule to avoid so to not get the relationship in trouble. Here is some advice on the main things you should know how do bisexual relationships work:

Don’t Ask Dumb Questions

If you are straight, make sure to understand more about the orientation of your partner to avoid asking questions he or she will seriously mind. Questions like, “Who do you like better, men or women?” or “do you have it easier” is bound to annoy the other person and continually doing so can seriously harm the relationship.

If you are bisexual and your partner is straight, avoid asking whether he or she is really straight or not. In short, both partners should avoid asking questions if they think it will annoy the other partner.

Don’t Make Uneducated Remarks

The absolute worst thing you can do in any relationship is to blurt out remarks to your partner without thinking and this is especially the case when it comes to bisexual relationships. Even if you are okay about uneducated remarks about your orientation, do not expect the same of your partner.

Every bisexual has his or her own unique experience of coming out and some will really mind if you even joke lightly about it. Establish a strong trustworthy relationship first before you can let your guard down regarding what to say and what not to.

Don’t Come Up With Silly Requests

Just because you are in a bisexual relationship does not mean you can get away with silly and sometimes awkward requests. Start treating it like a normal relationship, which it is, and it can prove to be a worthwhile experience for you and your partner.

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Don’t Ask Your Bisexual Partner to Compromise Who She/ He Is

The best relationships are those in which bisexuals are not pressured or have to feel they have to compromise or erase their identity just so they can be with their partner. Such an experience will be frustrating and anything but fun for both partners. Let them be themselves. After all, this is the reason you got in the relationship, right?

Don’t Set High Expectations

So, you might have read articles or watched videos about bisexual relationships and have found the real relationship to be quite different and the experience did not turn out as you expected and you start to lose interest, harming the bond in the process.

If you want a fun and long-lasting healthy relationship with your partner, do not set any high expectation about the bisexual relationship, even if you set high ones for yourself. Acknowledge the fact that no relationship is perfect. We are all human beings after all and you and your partner are as vulnerable to making mistakes as the next guy or gal!