Things You Must Know When Dating a Bisexual Guy

dos and dont of bisexual datingYou meet a nice-looking guy in a bar and find you two hit off very well. What follows next is a sequence of out-of-this-world date experiences, but one day midst of heart-to-heart talk, your charming prince softly reveals he is bisexual.

While you didn’t go ‘oh my god’ in front of me, but the first thoughts that hit your mind once you were alone were: What do I do now? Is dating bisexuals different from going out with straight guys? What you need to know about bisexuals to ensure your relationship continues to be as wonderful ahead as it was before the revelation?

Well, first stop worrying. This post will help you understand a few things about dating a guy who loves both boys and girls.

DO hit on that cute guy in a gay bar or at the LGBT centre. You never know where something like that may go.

1. There is no one-fits-all definition of bisexuality

Every bisexual define his or her sexual orientation uniquely. So do not think that the definition of bisexuality that you read on some bisexual dating site will also apply to your boyfriend.

The best thing you can do is move past any preconceived notions you may have about bisexuality. More than one woman who has dated bisexuals reveals that each guy they dated defined it differently.

That’s why it is important that you don’t approach your relationship with any preconceived opinions. Instead, talk with your guy. If he is comfortable enough with you, he himself will tell you about his sexual orientation.

2. Be open-minded and respectful

You should have a meaningful chat with their guy about his sexuality early in the relationship. However, this being a sensitive subject, you should pick a right time, do some preparation first, and don’t bring up certain things.

Write down the questions you want to ask your boyfriend is something you should do. Another is to think before speaking when you sit down for a heart-to-heart talk.

As far as the things you shouldn’t bring up, the list includes questions like: (1) How many girls and guys have you slept with? (2) Do you like to meet bisexual women more than heterosexual women? (3) How do you meet new people—through bisexual dating sites or otherwise? (4) How were your past sexual experiences?

What you should talk, on the other hand, is about boundaries of your relationship, that is, are you two exclusive or not?

3. Clear, consistent communication

The golden rule of a successful relationship is to keep be clear and honest in communication. This also applies too to a relationship in which one partner is bisexual. Not being honest and clear in communication can work against you and fuel your insecurities.

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This is something that many women who have dated bisexual guys vouch for. In their opinion, communication is all-important for a healthy relationship, and when it is there, the fact that the other partner is bisexual doesn’t really matter

4. Be prepared for the questions that will come your way

Often the ‘other’ person in a bisexual relationship is pelted with unwanted questions from people around her, who are either, because of their ignorance, concerned about her or just curious to get second-hand information on what it is like to date a bisexual guy.

Don’t let such questions regarding your relationship get to you. And don’t for a moment think that you need to share each and every detail asked with others. Don’t focus on these inquisitors; rather focus on the most important thing—your relationship with your boyfriend.