Would Transgender Looking for Relationship with a Bisexual Guy?

dating womenLove conquers all, but can it conquer the fact that your girl is a transgender? The answer is YES. It can.

If you really love your girl, the fact she is a transgender will not make any difference. After all, how does the fact that she once had the same genitals as you make her any less desirous?  What matters most is that you love her and she you and you both enjoy a happy, exciting sexual life.

Who is a transgender girl?

A transgender is someone who is physically a man but feels like a woman. Many transgender girls undergo genital transition. That is, they change their genitals to that of a woman’s.

There are many men who have long-term relationships with transgender girls and there’s no real reason why you cannot.

Some advice for men in relationship with transgender girls?

If you are dating a transgender girl and wondering whether you two are fit for a long-term relationship or not, you might find the following advice handy.

  1. Know why you are in the relationship

You must know what makes you want to be with your girlfriend. Your reasons for being in the relationship could help you understand with a fair degree of certainty if you really want to be in a monogamous, long-term relationship with your girlfriend.

  1. Know how you feel about her being a transgender

This is mighty important. You must be tuned in to your feelings about her being a transgender. For some it may not be an issue at all; others might have deep feelings about it, kept under a lid. Suppressed feelings are never healthy and if you have an issue with her sexual orientation, it is the right time to resolve them. Start by admitting the truth yourself and sharing it with your girlfriend. If you think you need some professional counseling, don’t hesitate to go for it. You might also benefit from talking to other men who are in a long-term relationship with a transgender and learning from them how they resolved their issues regarding their partner’s background.

  1. Talk with your partner

Strong communication is a key to a successful relationship, more so to a relationship with a transgender given the inherent challenges involved in this kind of relationship. Don’t think that your relationship is unique for you only; your partner is likely to feel equally nervous about entering into a long-term relationship. Strong communication can help you understand—and overcome—each other’s fears.

  1. Prepare a checklist of difficulties you will encounter—and their solutions

You can improve your chances of having a successful relationship if you identify the probable challenges that you will meet and create a plan to tackle them. Remember, no two relationships are the same. So it is all about finding the solution that you two as a couple think works best for you.

  1. Create a support team

It could be your parents or friends or a community of other couples. When the going gets tough—and expect it to be tough at times—you may benefit a lot from closeness and support of your closest aides.