Are You Going To Try First Time Your Bi Curiosity On Bisexual Site?

try bicuriosityAre you bi curious and have had very limited or no experience of sexual activity with the member you’re your sex? Thinking about going on bisexual dating sites or bi curious support groups but not sure how to go about it? Are you new to the bisexual dating game? The first question you need to ask yourself is are you bisexual or just experimenting? Are you a man or woman? You may think that dating a bi curious girl with bisexual preferences is just like dating a lesbian woman (if you are a woman) or dating a gay man. But, that is not really the case.

If it’s your first time, you must be wondering what it would be like to date or have sex with a person of same sex. It is very natural but this is the time to listen to your heart. For example you might wonder how it would feel when as a woman you both would be having periods at the same time. But if you shed your initial inhibitions and think how it would feel when the two of you go between the sheets or just go out on a date, you would get to know your actual interest.

For bi curious and bisexual people like you, many bisexual dating sites have emerged. These are great options to find the right partner easily. In the past the society would just ignore or shun such people, but now things have changed and bisexual people have genuine chances to enter into a relationship with those who have similar inclinations. There are many bi curious dating sites and bisexual dating sites, which offer a safe environment to the bisexual people so that they may find appropriate partners.

What are the benefits offered by the online bisexual dating site?

  • By going to these sites you don’t have to be shy by what other people are talking about. As a matter of fact you can openly talk and take advice from other people that you feel are important for bisexual dating.
  • You can exchange ideas with other bi curious people and will get a chance to meet new people with similar interest.
  • Yet another benefit of using the bisexual dating sites is that you will get a chance to meet people at new places if your partner asks about it allowing you to build trust and faith.

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Do NOT Expect Freakiness and Threesomes – Take one step at a time

If you are a man and you are trying to get a bisexual woman because you think you can have threesomes all the time, you are barking up the wrong tree. Or if you are a woman, do not expect your bisexual lady to want to have a threesome with a man. Just because she likes both men and women does not mean she wants to have them both at the same time. Just because you like both hot wings and chocolate does not mean you want to have them both at the same time, right?

So Be Honest

Be open and honest with the person you’ve met on these sites. If you have never been with a bisexual or a bi curious, let them know. Do not pretend you are an expert just to fail miserably. They may not want to be your guinea pig.